Specialized technical assistance service with SLA

You decide how long you want to receive the service to have your demand resolved.

Dedicate your valuable time to your business and let our AST maintain the functionality of your equipment.

We use service SLA for this service, ensuring your best experience.

Good technical assistance guarantees the longevity of the product and increases the reliability of the relationship between company and consumer. At Ahgora, we provide differentiated maintenance services through a specialized technical team. We offer security and agility for analyzing and solving adverse issues with maximum agility.

You choose and we make it happen

Check out what Ahgora offers you:

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Corrective maintenance

We provide this service with experts to correct equipment inconsistencies through remote access for adjustments, including replacement of hardware modules. Labor and parts included.

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Preventive maintenance

These are planned and programmed interventions and aim at testing, analyzing and diagnosing equipment to eliminate or rule out the occurrence of failures. Labor and parts included.

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monitoring service

We carry out online monitoring of equipment from our operations center. If any unusual situation is identified, our technical team is automatically notified and makes the necessary corrections.