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Logo Ahgora
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Access control
via turnstiles

Manage foot traffic flow in real time

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Implement access control

Identify visitors, suppliers and third parties. Block the access of unauthorized people, remotely and immediately.

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Save money in the process

Reduce cost overruns by hiring security professionals. Ensure access to your physical space.

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Stop worrying

1-year warranty. Forget problems with maintenance or upgrades – and no more switching back and forth between suppliers!

Ahgora: ally to intelligent concierge services

Replace credentials for anti-fraud biometric recognition. The access management software cross-references data collected by the access control turnstiles with data from attendance records for double checking.

I want Ahgora’s turnstiles
ahgora turnstile
Ahgora Turnstile with zoom

Reliable turnstiles

Three models to choose from: waist-high tripods, speed gates and adapted for people with disabilities.

  • Stainless steel models that can withstand hostile environments
  • Bi-directional system, individual SmartSensor identification
  • Smooth operation: anti-break motorized rotation
  • Optional collection box

IoT integration with the software

With Acessoweb, you can easily and efficiently manage influx of people.

  • Anti-fraud 3D biometric scanner, card or keyboard
  • Encrypted records with double storage
  • Equipment status remote monitoring
  • Anti-panic with automatic blocking and resetting
ahgora turnstile
Ahgora system screens

Strategic management

Much more than access control: perform smart management with Ahgora. Acessoweb is part of Ahgora’s platform.

  • Timesheet: activity and cost records
  • WEBclocking: work hours management
  • Live: control panel and advanced charts