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Task manager

First time tracker tied in with attendance management.

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Allocate time efficiently

Use Ahgora Timesheet to track time dedicated to different activities. Find out exactly how much you profit from each task.

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Support project management

Break down deadlines and tasks by projects, teams and tasks. Entries are cross-referenced with attendance records.

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Understand investment, expenses and cost

Manage team time. Monitor hours worked by third parties, consultants and other legal entities.

Go beyond checklists

Why stick to time management when you can look at productivity and costs? Ahgora Timesheet provides precise and realistic insights on wage costs for each activity, project or team.

Ahgora timesheet screen example
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Know where time goes

Track activities on Ahgora Timesheet to understand team productivity.

  • Unifies info for all employees and teams
  • Assigns projects, customers or other custom tags to tasks
  • Records on or off-site work location
  • Plugs in to Firefox and Chrome

Concentrate on creating value

Ahgora Timesheet identifies bottlenecks and intervention opportunities.

  • Combines entries to attendance records and payroll
  • Provides custom reports based on user level
  • Classifies hours as expense, investment or cost
  • Ranks most profitable clients and projects
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Ahgora system screens

Transform HR management

Timesheet is only one of Ahgora’s smart people management products. Use the task manager to:

  • Attendance and workshift management
  • Limit access to indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Powerful and intuitive people analytics