Man punching time on biometric reader

Accredited time clock

Real-time electronic point with biometric reader.

Woman punching time on biometric reader

Optimize clocking-in management

A single supplier for time clocks, apps and management software. Reduce up to 60% time invested in handling reports.

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Legal and fiscal security

Stay up-to-date with regulations regarding work hours. Equipment compliant with the requirements of the law. Comply with eSocial.

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One option better than the other

Choose from approved time clock equipment and alternative time recording systems. Stay within the law.

Greater security and performance

Internet of Things Technology (IoT)

  • Anti-Fraud Biometric Reader
  • 20 thousand users, 20 thousand biometrics
  • Mifare Card
  • Username and password via numeric keypad
  • Light and audible beacon
  • WiFi and 3G connection with M2M data technology
  • GPS
  • Two USB outputs
  • Internal UPS
  • SNMP – Network Management and Monitoring
Time Clock - Ah30Pro Lite
Time Clock - Ah30 Lite

No human error or fraud

Forget outdated and untrustworthy equipment. With Ahgora you get:

  • Encrypted clocking-in records
  • Geo-located clockings (GPS, Cell ID and Network ID)
  • 3D anti-fraud biometric reader and Mifare card
  • Equipment status remote monitoring

Single supplier, free support

There are more than enough reasons to optimize time and attendance control with Ahgora

  • Interactive dashboard with management information
  • Alert systems for excuses, absences and late entries
  • Automatic calculi and payroll integration
  • Online clocking-in mirroring and digital payslip
Ahgora hardware and software example
Time Clock -Ah30 PRO

100% reliable equipment

Tired of time clocks that do not work? Switch to Ahgora

  • Withstands hostile environments
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G network connectivity
  • Auto-cutter thermal printer
  • Real time: Internet of Things (IoT) technology

Electronic recorder

With IoT technology and great autonomy. The internal UPS ensures operation even with power outages

  • Biometry
  • Mifare or 125k
  • Username and password by numeric keypad
Time Clock - Ah10 Lite