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Clocking-in management and control system.

Your smart platform for managing work hours.

I want ahgora’s clocking system
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Optimize attendance management

Say goodbye to typing and rework thanks to electronic time clocks. Up to 60% less time in HR timesheet processing.

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Comply with MOL Ordinances

Smart devices comply with Ordinances no. 1510 & 373. Legal security and peace of mind for you and your company.

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Cut back on hidden costs

Automate bureaucratic routines, manage schedules, leaves and days off. Save up to 30% reducing undue overtime.

Legal, precise and hassle-free.

Gain speed, legal and fiscal security. Ahgora PontoWEB is SaaS – always up-to-date with regulations of the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment.

I want ahgora’s clocking system
example of the pontoweb ahgora screen
example of the pontoweb ahgora screen

Comprehensive, integrated management.

Comprehensive, integrated management.

  • Flexible and customizable work schedules and hours
  • Real-time automatic calculi
  • Integration with payroll and ERP
  • Replica servers and disaster recovery

Adaptable to your reality

A single system for on-site and off-site employees in one or many facilities. The info you need, always at your fingertips.

  • Anti-fraud 3D biometric reader and Mifare card
  • Geolocated clockings (GPS, Cell ID and Network ID)
  • Equipment status remote monitoring
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example of the pontoweb ahgora screen

Designed for the associate

Ergonomic equipment, user-friendly software — and a bonus portal.

  • Digital approval of clocking-in report
  • Online requests for absence excuses and bonuses
  • Payroll report visualization
  • Assisted implementation and change management support