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HR performance indicators in real time

Rely on precise information, make mind-blowing decisions.

I want the best HR performance indicators
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Monitor key metrics

Analyze trends in dynamic charts and compare easily interpreted data. Have real-time analytical overview of operations.

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Ensure staffing levels

Operate following desired productivity, assistance and quality levels. Identify inconsistencies to contact on-call teams.

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Stay on budget

Identify bottlenecks and workforce optimization opportunities. Improve efficiency and cut back on idle resources.

Truly strategic HR

Strategically manage workforce and relocate teams whenever deemed necessary with Ahgora Livemaps. Properly segmented and adaptative views on staffing levels.

I want the best HR performance indicators
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Unified information

Align data for employees working home office, off-site or spread across multiple offices.

  • Facial or digital biometric ID
  • GNSS geolocation (GPS + GLONASS)
  • Automated calculi and real-time charts
  • Compliant with MOL Ordinances no. 1510 & 373

Predictive approach

Connect to analytic indicators for attendance and punctuality problem-solving.

  • Demand forecasting
  • Worspace staffing levels
  • Real-time compensatory hour balance
  • Comparisons between employees and teams
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Prioritize competitiveness

Ahgora Livemaps is part of the strategic HR product ensemble.

  • Operational efficiency management
  • Security access and attendance control
  • Data leveraging to improve ROI
  • Strategic dashboards and system alerts