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Online vacation management

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Ahgora Fériasweb

With Ahgora Fériasweb, employees, managers and HR make the control of this period much simpler and more transparent. The employee has full autonomy to make his own request for a break. Afterwards, the manager analyzes the request and HR validates the schedule for issuing the vacation notice. The entire process takes place in accordance with the legislation, within a specific module of PontoWEB.

I want Ahgora Fériasweb
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Simplify vacation requests

With the tool, the employee can request their vacation to the manager. And schedule your license according to the period you want

  • Vacation and 13th allowance or advance
  • Tracking the status of requests
  • Notifications about orders

Manage team vacations online

The module makes it easier for managers to manage the team: it is possible to follow up on vacation requests from employees and plan the team's workforce.

  • Approval or rejection of employee requests
  • Tracks the consent (or not) of HR
  • Allows you to schedule vacations for team members
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Make vacation control easier and comply with the law

Ahgora Fériasweb follows all the details of the legislation so that HR can facilitate this complex task. With good planning, the company does not suffer from the absence of employees during this period

  • Crossing and interpretation of data
  • Insights into behavior and profile
  • Actions based on data analysis