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Work schedule manager

Your planning assistant for days off, shifts and shifts

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Know who is available

Discover how to have maximum operational efficiency in just a few minutes of planning. Automatic communication notifies the scheduled team.

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Coordinate teams and units

Easily see which professionals are on duty or away. Know who can cover days off and shifts without breaking legal boundaries.

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Keep an eye on costs

Track the balance of hours in real time. Determine who to call and when to take time off to keep overtime under control.

Demystify the work schedules

Organize your team’s work schedules based on workforce demand: Ahgora’s Escalasweb module assembles teams to ensure the most efficient combination.

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Flexible and dynamic

Ahgora Escalasweb is especially designed for teams with complex workdays.

  • Intermittent, temporary and CLT collaborators
  • Removal, vacation, time off and allowance alerts
  • Intra and Interday Interval Presets
  • Simple, automated and without legal risks

Informative and strategic

Visualize the cost of relocation before escalating staff for the work shift.

  • Automatic calculations and comparative queries
  • Exception management with inconsistency alerts
  • Configurable data analytics and intuitive visualization
example of ahgora Escalasweb screen
Ahgora system screens

Simple journey management

Escalasweb is an additional module of Ahgora PontoWEB. In practice, you do much more.

  • Manages attendance to ensure operation
  • Complies with Ordinance 671 on timekeeping
  • Attends eSocial Events S-1050, S-2200, and S-2206
  • Integrates with ERP and payroll software