Mulher entrando em um ambiente com controlador de porta

Entry locks

Limit people access to controlled environments

woman in the office talking on the phone

Smart multi-platform

Access control equipment are associated to Ahgora Acessoweb. Block or grant access online from anywhere.

man with finger being analyzed by biometrics

Simple and secure. Really

Smart electronic locks: authorization is granted via fingerprint scanning (anti-fraud biometrics) or proximity card.

two women passing through a turnstile

More than control: management

Ahgora offers attendance management software and equipment. More security for your assets, more peace of mind for you.

Infinite application possibilities

Manage visitors, block defaulting members or employees on leave. Estimate the number of meals based on attendance reports. Check attendance time and intensify compliance with work safety regulations.

access controller example
access control screen example

User-friendly software

Electronic fingerprint locks work in sync with Acessoweb.

  • Remote and automatic record updates
  • High-performance and availability servers
  • Access system integrated with electronic time clock
  • Automatic blocking of dismissed associates

Reliable hardware

Compact models, easy installation and use.

  • Credential via fingerprint scan or card
  • Door control relay and light feedback
  • ABS body, withstands hostile environments
  • Integrated wall support made of carbon steel
  • Power and network via PoE (Power over Ethernet)
access controller example
examples of controller screens

Intelligent management

Ahgora HR platform. Real-time, multi-level and multi-user.

  • Dashboards and reports for strategic decisions
  • Compliant attendance management to Ordinances no. 1510 & 373.
  • Activity & time tracking and cost control