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The best in clocking-in, access and operational efficiency management.

A new way of managing people

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With our clocking-in management, access control and operational efficiency software and equipment, you can focus on what is essential: great management. Simple as that.

  • Access control to internal and external areas
  • Activity log and cost management
  • Clocking-in and working hours management
  • User-friendly views and people analytics


Get point information in real time. Manage time bank and avoid undue, easy overtime.


Tracking team attendance, attendance and punctuality rates, wherever and whenever you want.


Presence registration by facial recognition. Online and offline, with 3G and Wi-Fi sync.

Time ClockTime Clock

Approved time clock and electronic time recording with anti-fraud 3D biometric reader.


It is possible to configure the employee's access periods to the work system with full control over the team's journey.


Limit third-party access easily and securely. Equipment in stainless steel and light turning, with an anti-panic system.


Presence management and physical and logical access control. Security for your assets, peace of mind for you.


Manage employees in multiple locations simultaneously on a single dashboard. Ideal for remote work.


Uncomplicate the management of schedules and work shifts of teams with varied and dynamic working hours.


Access analytical data for results-driven management. Dashboards with complete information in real time.


It allows HR to act more strategically based on relevant information about professionals.


With Ahgora Fériasweb, employees, managers and HR make the control of this period much simpler and more transparent.

Precise information, smart charts and plenty of convenience

The best in attendance, productivity and access management.

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Partnership results

On average, our clients save 3-5% on their payrolls.

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Unified management

Advanced technologies enable full attendance control to all units.

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Strategic insights

Increased analytical capability: real-time data analytics and machine learning.