Privacy Policy

In line with the best practices and footwear in its philosophy of transparency and respect for Ahgora customers, we present the basic principles of the Privacy Policy.

These are the guidelines adopted by Ahgora in relation to the reception, storage and use of information made available by customers and users, for accessing and using our services, which require identification.

Terms and conditions

We advise that all terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy may be modified at any time by Ahgora, due to changes in legislation or services, as a result of the use of new technological tools or, even, whenever, at its sole discretion of Ahgora, such changes may be necessary. Therefore, we recommend to our users that, prior to using the available services, the Privacy Policy then in force is verified.

The use of the services provided by Ahgora by any user will imply express acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy in force on the date of use. We recommend that users, who do not agree with the current Privacy Policy, not to use Ahgora's services, as their non-acceptance by the customer and users, or the non-availability of the requested information, may prevent the provision of such services.

We emphasize that new online services, made available by Ahgora, will automatically be subject to the Privacy Policy in force at the time of their use.

Information Handling

For the provision of online services to its customers and users, Ahgora adopts advanced features aimed at protecting the information of users and its services.

The character information of users and customers of Ahgora's services, namely: personal, business and/or financial, are not disclosed by Ahgora, except in the cases expressly mentioned in this document.

Such information is entered by the customer manually and/or automated inptus and stored, using strict standards of confidentiality and integrity, as well as physical and logical access controls, always observing the highest ethical and legal principles.

If the user decides to provide their personal information, such act will imply express authorization for such information to be used for the provision of online services, with the purpose defined in a contractual document entered into between Ahgora and its customers, as well as for such information to be archived.

Once provided with information about the user and/or operation, Ahgora processes the data at the Software level with the objective of providing the management of electronic point and/or access control.

However, the user has the right, at any time, including when personal information is made available, to inform Ahgora's customer, through the available communication channels, of his/her lack of interest in disclosing the information.

Security of Confidential Information

Access to information collected and stored by Ahgora is restricted to professionals authorized to use this information directly and necessary for the provision of their services, with limited use for other purposes.

Every organization or individual hired to provide support services is also required to comply with the Information Security Policies and the Code of Ethics and Conduct adopted by Ahgora.

Ahgora may disclose the personal information it has received, the customer and the user agreeing, from now on, with such disclosure, in the following cases:

whenever you are obliged to reveal them, whether by virtue of a legal provision, an act of a competent authority, an order or a court order;

to its business partners and/or service providers, in order to meet the request for services made by users;

to bodies for the protection and defense of workers and service providers authorized by Ahgora to defend their rights;

for other institutions, provided that within the legal parameters established for this purpose, in this case, the user may, at any time, cancel this authorization;

to Ahgora partners for the provision of technical services.

Ahgora works extensively to ensure that the information disclosed to customers and/or users is true and complete, relying on accurate controls to monitor the information provided.

Expansion of Effects

The terms of the Privacy Policy set forth herein will apply exclusively to personal information, as defined above, which may be made available to Ahgora by the user for the use of its products and services.

Consequently, the Privacy Policy set forth herein shall not apply to any service other than those made available by Ahgora, including those sites that are in any way linked to Ahgora's website, through links or any other technological resources, and also , to any other sites that, in any way, come to be known or used by Ahgora.


Ahgora ensures that the information (texts, images, sounds and/or applications) contained in its websites are in accordance with the legislation and regulations that regulate copyright, trademarks and patents, not being allowed modifications, copies, reproductions or any other forms of use for commercial purposes without the prior and express consent of Ahgora.

Ahgora is not responsible for any damages and/or problems arising from delays, interruptions or blocking of data transmissions occurring on the internet.

Interpretation of Terms

The words and terms contained in this Privacy Policy, not expressly defined herein, written in Portuguese or any other language, as well as any other technical language or not, that, eventually, during the term of this instrument, in compliance with rights and obligations assumed by both parties, whether used to identify the practice of any acts, must be understood and interpreted in accordance with the internationally recognized concept.


This Privacy Policy, for all legal purposes and effects, forms an integral and inseparable part of Ahgora's Software License Agreement in the form of an attachment.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

Any and all disputes arising from the terms set out in this Privacy Policy will be resolved in accordance with Brazilian law, with jurisdiction in the city of Florianópolis, SC, District of the Capital, excluding any other, however privileged.

It is also clear that the use of services and orders commanded outside Brazilian territory, or even those arising from operations initiated abroad, may also be subject to the legislation and jurisdiction of the authorities of the countries where they are commanded or initiated.

Mobile devices

To use Ahgora's applications ("Ahgora app"), three types of authorizations are required, described below:

1. Location

Required for sending custom pushs and user locator functioning. Ahgora may use the User's location to recognize the location at which the start or end of the working day (“time stamp”) has been recorded.

2. Telephone

Ahgora stores the phone name and its ID (IMEI), as described above, just for the User to be able to carry out the time registration process. This information is not shared with third parties.

3. Access photos, media and files from your device

Required to select photo from gallery for inclusion of point registration photo. No information on your cell phone is read or stored by Ahgora.