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Ahgora is an HR Tech that develops innovative technologies for human resources, aiming to empower professionals in the field with time, tools and real-time data to make them more strategic.

Technology that transforms

See beyond the obvious: real-time insights for companies of all sizes. Watch your team fly with cloud technology and artificial intelligence. Affordable and without mysteries.



Manage employees in multiple locations simultaneously on a single dashboard. Ideal for remote work.

Punctuality and attendance per office

Intuitive, real-time charts and graphs

Forecasts and comparisons between teams

Agility in routine

Agility in routine

Gain speed with automatic calculations and real-time results. Watch the work flow, without retyping or human error.

Control of costs

Control of costs

Have full forecast of payroll and project costs. Save 30% by cutting undue overtime.

Safety cool

Safety cool

Stay up to date with eSocial and MTE Ordinances 671. Access all relevant data on a single platform, wherever you are.

HR management in real time.

Embark on the digital transformation by hiring a SaaS model and revolutionize people management.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things (IoT)

Real-time data. No typing, no human error.

Machine learning
Machine learning

Always up-to-date, always safe – without paying more for it.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Predictability of scenarios and much more precision of analysis.

Facial ID
Facial ID

Facial recognition with geolocalized registration.

Ideal for you

Comply with the law and automate time control routines. Shared management and decentralization. Gather information for eSocial. Ahgora faces your challenge together with you.

Small and medium businesses

Small and medium businesses

Ahgora facilitates compliance with the MTE Ordinances to professionalize the HR of your business.

Companies with more than 1000 employees

Companies with more than 1000 employees

More autonomy for teams and managers. Easier data verification for your HR to be decisive.

Public<br />bodies and municipalities

bodies and municipalities

How about unifying point and access management? One service unit at a time, or all at the same time.

Ahgora<br />Partner Accounting

Partner Accounting

Say goodbye to typing. Fix the customers' point even before the end of the month. Close the sheet without stress.

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Do it different. Do more.

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